Multi Mineral Mill

Born to be a reference company for all those
producers and consumers of industrial minerals that
they need specialized and tailored services
according to your needs.
Its founding partners Mexican Silicates S.A. de C.V. and Grupo Minero JLG S.A. de CV , after consolidating its presence in the Mexican market for more than a decade, with mining activities of exploitation, processing and commercialization of industrial minerals mainly aimed at ceramic and glass producers, they set themselves the challenge of install in the state of Nuevo León a technological plant for the processing of a wide range of minerals with a business model designed to support the different industrial sectors, making available the technology and experience of the Italian company Minerali Industriali.
THE PLANT is located in a total area of 11,250 m2, having an agreement to acquire more neighboring hectares for the future growth of the business. Of the total area, 9,680 m2 are destined to the roads, box for storage of raw material in bulk, primary crushing plant and silos for the storage and loading of finished product in bulk (pressurized pipe type trucks) and in the remaining area of 1,570 m2 is an industrial warehouse to store raw material in super bags, drying, mixing, magnetic separations, fine pulverization and coarse pulverization, as well as packaging and storage of finished product in super bags.


We mainly target all those markets that use INDUSTRIAL MINERALS for their production, such as producers of ceramics (floors and bathroom furniture), glass, abrasives, absorbents, agriculture, rubber, construction, paper, paints. , plastic, refractory, metallurgical, among others, analyzing each potential need to provide crushing and grinding services tailored to the needs of the end consumer.

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The synergy with the ENGINEERING division of MINERALI INDUSTRIALI for the use of its technology and know-how allows us to guarantee our products, services and recycling of by-products, developed in more than 40 years of activity in Italy, Europe, Africa of the North, Central and South America.